Member Incentive Program

1. Discounts from Clients – Clients offer discounts for registered and active sharers of ShareOurFriends for the time in which they are under contract. This form of incentive offered to our sharers benefits our clients by potentially increasing their foot traffic in their store or event and build face to face relationships with their targeted customers.

2. Rewards – Offered by either client or ShareOurFriends, by offering gift cards, tangible goods or other incentives to our sharers.


“The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity” – Keith Ferrazzi

3. Community Reinvestment – We love Cache Valley!… and we at ShareOurFriends want to do our part to invest in and assist where we can. We are going to partner with groups that provide a helping hand and donate a percentage of each contract to reinvesting in the valley.


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